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At the moment, Meneghetti owns 25 acres of vineyards on two locations, Val Gambalera around Stancija Meneghetti in Bale and Kršin-Ferne near Buje, and new ones are currently being planted. After that we will have around 62 acres of vineyards.

The red soil (terra rossa) around Stancija Meneghetti on location Val Gambalera in Bale is strong and poor, richer in stone than earth, intensive and mineral, full of iron, which gives it not only its specific shade of red colour, bright and lively, but also its unique importance and longevity. The red soil from this location absorbs air from the sea and the smell of Mediterranean underbrush from its surroundings, and it is especially favourable for red grape varieties.

The white soil on location Kršin-Ferne near Buje, consisting of Eocene marlstone, is the mother of our white wines. In this part of Istria, the soil has a characteristic grey and white colour due to a high percentage of clay and it is especially suitable for white grape varieties, which produce unique wines known for their extraordinary taste and aromatic elegance.

All our vineyards are cultivated in an environmentally sustainable manner, with deep respect for nature, using Simonit & Sirch method. The pruning is soft, always done manually, in order to preserve the plant so it can grow old.