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Meneghetti Red 2011

Meneghetti Red 2011

Varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet franc

Alcohol: 14,3%

Total acids: 5,5 g/L

pH: 3,69

Serving temperature: 16-18 °C

Glass: Riedel Bordeaux Vinum

Elegant wine of deep ruby colour, full-bodied, with strong and thick texture, mature and well-balanced. Aromas of great quality dominate, with pronounced spiciness. In the glass it is still opening up, showing notes of vanilla, smoke, coffee, cinnamon, cloves, as well as raspberry and currant. The taste is dry, warm and perfectly soft with fine tannins. Liveliness and minerality are lingering in the aftertaste. This wine pairs well with red meat, wild game and dry, hard cheese. It has excellent aging potential.