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Kuća Glavić

Since recently, our team has gained another member and our wine collection another product line – Miho Glavić and wines from Kuća Glavić joined Meneghetti. Located in the most southern Croatian region, right next to Dubrovnik, in the heart of the unique and picturesque fertile Konavosko Polje Valley, Kuća Glavić continues the family tradition of wine making dating back to 1896. Today, this authentic Konavle house is a protected cultural monument and represents a must-visit place for everyone who wants to experience, see and feel traditional local architecture and gastronomy. Kuća Glavić Rosé, Kuća Glavić Malvasija and Kuća Glavić Syrah are wines from Dubrovnik vineyards aged in our Istrian cellar in Bale, so along with their local Konavle terroir, they also embody all characteristics for which Meneghetti wines are famous for.