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Our story

Our story

There is only one world. In this world, there is a small, limited number of places that provide a truly magnificent experience.


There is only one world. In this world we can only find a small number of places that provide a truly magnificent experience. Since the early 19th century, a certain hidden rural estate in southern Istria has been predestined to take the title of one of the most beautiful mansions in the Mediterrannean. The place is called Stancija Meneghetti. For almost a century, it was a well-known refuge for Austro-Hungarian army officers, serving in several military forts located in the southern part of the peninsula.

Abandoned by all the former armies, owners and accidental passers-by, overgrown in Mediterranean underbrush and weeds, it was re-discovered in the early 2000s by Miroslav Plišo and his wife, Romana Kajfež, who were in search of a perfect estate for their own enjoyment; there was only one condition - the place had to be located in Istria. In their quest, they stumbled upon an abandoned yet beautiful house, surrounded by spacious meadows and forests - an ideal place for growing grapevines and olives. An ideal place for those who admire a true peace.

Our team

Meneghetti today

Nowadays, Meneghetti is a delightful luxurious hotel with an outstanding restaurant and its own premium, world renowned award-winning wines and olive oils.


Miroslav Plišo and Romana Kajfež turned this abandoned treasure into the highest category hotel in only a few years’ time. Stancija Meneghetti is now a true beauty made of stone, with a restaurant that represents a unique gastronomic experience and service provided by top professionals. The mansion is surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, providing the production of finest wines and olive oils in the estate’s winery. During the redesign, highest attention was given to every detail. The final result are the utmost quality and pleasurable aesthetics, both in the flawless interior and magical external environment.

Today, Meneghetti is a delightful luxury hotel, a member of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux group, with an outstanding restaurant, and its own premium, world renowned and award winning wines and olive oils. Like any real Paradise on Earth, this place is hard to find. Magic only happens off the beaten path. One does not come to Stancija Meneghetti by sticking to main roads; in order to find it, you need to explore the paths, turn your journey into an adventure, worth every effort. Once you get to the magical place, you need to reveal its beauty slowly, step by step.


Our Philosophy

Seize the opportunity to enjoy results of centennial tradition that the skilled hands of our ancestors and contemporaries have transformed into the emotion of enjoyment.


Taking over and offering to you only the best that Istria offers - that is our mission. For you, we created the opportunity to meet the results of centuries-old tradition inherited from our ancestors and contemporaries, turned into the emotion of enjoyment. Stancija Meneghetti is - indeed - a world to itself. Here, the life is quieter, more fulfilled. Every step you take into this piece of paradise leads you to new emotions and pleasures. To begin, it is enough to enter through our large gate - from there on, all the other doors are open. Be free to leave all the life’s burden behind you, once you enter the estate.

You have come to a place where peace takes you over slowly and unnoticeably. By the time you leave, it becomes your own inner peace. Senses turn calm and quiet. Smoothness is saturated by colors. You will experience the peacefulness of blue, with the glint of sun reflected in the pool and the infinity of blue sky above you. Walking through the vineyards, you will experience the peace of green, decorated with ruby roses - the color highlighting its healthy, aromatic fruits. In the shade of our two-hundred-year-old oak, with the distant and soothing buzz of honey bees, you will experience the peace of luxurious, golden color. Under their enormous treetops, awaiting for you there is a seat at the table with a special dish, great wine and top-quality home-grown olive oil. On this very spot, you want to celebrate an important moment in your life, new love or just an ordinary day. At this point you have probably become one of the fans of this place, and you already plan to come back whenever you are in need of a true holiday, full of colors, scents, experiences and stories.


The team

Numerous top experts in their field have joined Meneghetti Team in recent years. All of them are devoted enthusiasts and great professionals.


Numerous top experts in their field have joined Meneghetti Team in recent years, forming a unique group of devoted enthusiasts and great professionals. For our renowned wine, the credits go to Aleš Kristančić who brought a part of Slovenia with him, Walter Filiputti and his exceptional Friulan wine entourage, Ivan Pušnik, Damir Bosek and his family, Miho Glavić… Top quality of our gourmet restaurant and wine hotel is the result of hard work and inspiration of our manager Suzana Vrtičević Tica, as well as our Executive Chef Fabio Vitale, experienced culinary master with international experience and the creator of our superb gastronomic offer. For him, the word cooking is not just about preparing food but creativity, tradition, art, culture, organizational skills and above all love, passion, imagination and refinement.

This is just the top of the list of many exceptional individuals who have found Love and Pleasure at Meneghetti. Every member of this great crew - proudly named the Meneghetti Team - contributed to the restoration of vineyards and olive groves, participated in the creation of our top quality wines and olive oils and today's hotel and restaurant. Unmentioned here, many other dear associates have unselfishly offered their time and knowledge to help us create our mosaic.

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