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No matter whether you’ve already booked your stay at Meneghetti Wine hotel or just exploring one the finest holiday estates in Croatia, you are certainly a person who loves revealing new products of superb quality and tasting utmost delicacies. Being aware of that, you probably already know that Istria has been named the best olive oil region in the world for two consecutive years. One of the most renowned and awarded producers of the tasty “liquid gold” is Meneghetti - its single-sort oils are regularly included in Flos Olei, one of the most prestigious international olive oil guides. World’s leading olive oil guide, L’extravergine, declared Meneghetti’s Izbor as the world’s best olive oil in the “intensely fruity aroma” category. We are rightly proud of our oils, made from hand-picked olives that grow within the estate. Though the production is limited and only 1.500 liters are produced every year, we invite you to indulge in a special experience for your taste buds and book your olive oil guided tasting program.

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Essence defined

Meneghetti Rosulja


  • Bottle size: 250ml
  • Organoleptic characteristics:
  • Free fatty acids: 0,25
  • Peroxide number: 1,85
  • Bitterness: markedly bitter (85% of scale)
  • Piquantness: piquant (80% of scale)

Rosulja or Rošinjola is a varietal recognized in Istria as an excellent oil crop of intensive odour with notes of medium mature tomato, artichokes, lettuce and dry fruits. A characteristic of this oil is a pronounced and, at the same time, well-balanced piquancy and bitterness. A refined and strong taste of rosulja is enriched by the admixture of healing herbs. The oil is clear; it has an intense golden colour with shades of green. Pairs well with meat, venison, oily fish and similar.

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Meneghetti Bjelica


  • Bottle size: 250ml
  • Organoleptic characteristics:
  • Free fatty acids: 0,28
  • Peroxide number: 0,91
  • Bitterness: markedly bitter (85% of scale)
  • Piquantness: very piquant (90% of scale)

As an indigenous varietal grown in Istria and Kvarner, Istarska Bjelica(Istrian bianchiera) distinguishes itself by its piquancy and bitterness. The golden green coloured oil is reminiscent of mown grass, whereas the taste varies between olive fruit, almonds, wild asparagus and radicchio. Bjelica is especially resistant to low temperatures, and boasts abundant fertility as its additional feature. It pairs with meat, especially beef, lamb, hard cheeses and similar.

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Meneghetti Leccino


  • Bottle size: 250ml
  • Organoleptic characteristics:
  • Free fatty acids: 0,21
  • Peroxide number: 0,80
  • Bitterness: bitter (25% of scale)
  • Piquantness: piquant (60% of scale)

As one of the most widespread cultivars in the world, Italian Leccino excellently adapted to Istrian climate, having gained distinguished quality, freshness and uniqueness of its attributes on Meneghehtti estate. The oil features dark green colour, full taste, mild bitterness and piquancy. Depending on the harvest, Leccino can be of highly fresh fruity odour, with mild, sweet rounded taste, without any prevailing aroma at the same time. A perfect companion to light meals.

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Meneghetti Izbor


  • Bottle size: 250ml
  • Organoleptic characteristics:
  • Free fatty acids: 0,22
  • Peroxide number: 1,11
  • Bitterness: no bitterness
  • Piquantness: piquant (65% of scale)

Extra-virgin oil Izbor (Selection) is produced from indigenous Istrian varietal Buža, the most widespread cultivar in Istria. Depending on the harvest time, Buža can have a medium to strong fruity flavour, whereby Izbor falls under the category of intensely fruity olive oils. The oil is clear with the intense golden colour and green reflections, distinguishing itself through its balanced bitterness, piquancy and durability of odour and taste. It pairs easily with every meal.

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